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nursing, home, elder, care, elderly, plan, assistant, activity,               

nursing, home, elder, care, elderly, plan, assistant, activity, Elder Care & Respite Care

The emphasis of this service is on providing supportive personal care for the comfort and well being of a client.  the tasks performed include: oral hygiene, bathing, skin care, assisting with elimination, assisting with self administration of medication, and providing documentation of the client's overall physical and emotional condition.

These services can be provided on an hourly or daily basis based upon the needs of that client and their family.  Personal Nursing care works hand-in-hand with other disciplines such as therapists, Hospice and attending physicians to ensure that there is consistency and continuity with the total plan of care.  personal Nursing care will work with all providers, including and Medicare Certified Agencies, to ensure that there are no duplicated services.

Occasionally, a client may desire to have services delivered in a facility such as a nursing center or assisted living facility.  In those situations, Personal Nursing care coordinates with the facility to ensure that applicable rules and regulations of that facility and state are followed and incorporated into the plan of care.

there are a number of insurance programs that have extended coverage that provides for hourly care for respite or terminally ill individuals.  Personal Nursing care will explore a client's health insurance in an effort to provide needed services through the insurance company.  In the event that the client has expanded insurance coverage, Personal Nursing care will coordinate the plan of care and all treatment modalities under the direction of the attending physician.

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nursing, home, elder, care, elderly, plan, assistant, activity,
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